August Wrap Up

Well, hello, friends! I cannot believe August is over we are already halfway through the first week of September! This year is just f l y i n g by, isn’t it?! Why is it that the days seem to pass so slowly but you turn around and a year has passed? Somebody should do some research on that. They’d probably win a Nobel Prize.

I’m currently snuggled up on the couch while Matt’s watching an episode of Ozark a *quite literally* just watched. He’s watching it now – instead of with me – because he fell asleep when I had it on. And I’m just like, what the heck do I do? Rewatch it? I could but… I could also be here. Writing and sharing with all of YOU.

How was your August? I have to admit, I’m happy that the extremely hot weather is starting to fade away. I love love love fall: all of the colors, the smells (yummy candles at Bath & Body Works, yes!), pumpkin and apple everything, and being able to walk outside without sweating.


August seemed like a month of not doing much but upon reflection, I had a semi-busy month! Summer classes ended in July and August was filled with some travel, some work, and some weekend-events!

  • Charlotte – I went to visit my sister, Megan, and her boyfriend, Kyle, a few days after summer school wrapped up. We went to a few really good places to eat (like Tupelo Honey Cafe & 300 East –> GO THERE) and although we couldn’t go to the mountains (because of my boot), I still had a v good time. I’m definitely looking forward to my next visit – this time, without a boot!
  • Running – I took most of August off from running and took it easy when PT cleared me. I’m hoping I can really get back into it in September.
  • Dogs! – Matt and I watch dogs through the Rover website/app! It’s the best because we get to have a dog pretty much all of the time and make money doing it!

Grilled chicken salad Bang Bang Burgers


I got a lot of use from my library card this month! I have an eCard which just allows me to “check-out” eBooks (and audiobooks) from the Chicago Public Library, Libby, and Hoopla. I don’t ever need to step foot into the library which is great because my license isn’t updated. I finished two whole books in August! And I’m still somehow behind on my 2018 Goodreads Challenge to finish one book per month.

I’ve also been simultaneously watching a lot of TV and trying to cut back. And when I say that, I mean we’re getting rid of cable and using streaming services (hello, Hulu Live). So I haven’t been watching too much live tv lately but you bet your ass I’m caught up on RHONY.


I didn’t get a chance to post too many recipes in August and it was mostly due to me not having a site for over half of the month. Anyway, check out some of the yummy things I made last month:

I’m looking forward to getting back into a regular routine in September. Matt and I have a wedding to attend in the middle of the month but aside from that, all we’ve got going on are our classes and working.

How was your August? What are you looking forward to in September and the rest of the year?!


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