Easy Ways to Go Green

I have been on a kick lately to minimize my environmental impact and go green. There are some things I’m not willing or able to give up like eating meat or driving my car to work (I work 15 miles away and it’s not easily accessible by public transit) so I have found other ways to be more friendly to mother earth.

On the blog today, I’m sharing 4 ways you can go green without having to sacrifice an easier lifestyle. Aside from the obvious like using a reusable water bottle, thermos, there are other easy ways you can go green!

Reusable grocery + produce bags

One of the easiest ways to go green is to use reusable grocery and produce bags. I initially thought it would be difficult to remember to bring my own bags to the store but it’s really not. And we have enough now (from race expos + other, similar events) that we can keep 1-2 in the trunk for impromptu grocery trips. Reusable grocery bags not only eliminate waste but if you’re walking to the grocery store, you no longer run the risk of your bag breaking!

I’ve recently taken the step of eliminating produce bags, as well. Depending on the produce, I’ll either not use a produce bag at all (usually fruits with peels get this treatment) or I’ll use a reusable produce bag! Since implementing reusable bags, I have found that my produce really does last longer (especially herbs)! I use these reusable produce bags from Amazon & if – no, when – they get icky, you can wash them with your regular laundry!

(Chicago stores also charges $0.07 for every plastic or brown bag you use so… reusable it is!)

Food Storage + Utensils

I am a Pyrex devotee and much prefer it over plastic food storage containers. Pyrex is great because I can heat-and-eat my food in the same container. And(!) I don’t run the risk of my Pyrex becoming discolored or stinky like I would with plastic. I actually make my skinny buffalo chicken dip in Pyrex because I can heat-and-eat in the same container. Pyrex also comes in a variety of sizes and so I’m able to eliminate plastic bag use for things like sandwiches and snacks!

I also no longer use plastic food utensils (spoons, forks, knives) and instead pack my lunch with what I have in my utensil drawer. You can do that or buy yourself a travel pack of utensils!

Cloth Towels > Paper Towels

Would you believe me if I said I haven’t used paper towels in months? Because I haven’t. I now use cheap, cloth towels that I buy from the Target clearance section. I used to go through half of a roll just cleaning the bathroom. And now? I use a towel or two from my cleaning bucket and instead of throwing them out when I’m done, they go in the wash!

Buying in bulk

I am truly astonished at how much packaging is used for things! And don’t get me wrong: I understand that buying a bag of broccoli florets + snipping off a corner only to pop in the microwave is a lot easier than the alternative. And I don’t think I’ll ever stop buying those bags. However, I try to bulk buy wherever possible because it’s less packaging.

Many grocery stores are getting hip to the green movement and have a section of the store where you can bring in your own containers and fill them up with pantry goodies. And bonus: not only are you producing less waste but you’ll end up saving some moolah, too!

Basically, my motto has become: if you can’t reuse it, you (probably) shouldn’t use it.

What are some ways you go green? Let me know in the comments below!

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