And I guess now is as good of a time as any to get my booty back into the blogging game. You’re probably wondering where I’ve been or what I’ve been up to. And the truth is –> not a whole lot! But we’ll get to that in a little bit, okay?

Around 2 weeks ago, my site went down. I couldn’t figure out what happened or why but basically, every single thing I had done on the site from February 2017 to present was just… lost. The site reverted back to an old theme, I lost every single post I made in the last year and a half. Everything = GONE.

I spent a lot of time chatting with my hosts support and got nowhere. Or rather, I was told I was getting somewhere and then nothing actually improved. So, I switched web hosts and wiped whatever was still on the site clean. Starting from scratch. Again, everything –> gone.

But you know what? I’m not going to stress out about it anymore. I learned a very, very important lesson: even though I was paying for site security (to keep out the bad sh*t) and regular backups, I still need to back up the files on my own. And store them on like, an external hard drive. It’s an important lesson but nevertheless a very frustrating lesson. Tears were shed.

And now that I’m back… we move on. At some point, I’ll be getting previously shared recipes back up. If you’re looking for a recipe I had on the blog in the past, just email me ( or contact me via social media and I will be more than happy to share with you.

What have I been up to? Uh, uh.

Well I went to Charlotte to visit my sister Megan (and her boyfriend Kyle and their really cute dog Clemson). I couldn’t do a whole lot of walking around but I really enjoyed my time there. It was good just to ~relax and to see my sister. If you’re out of the loop –> she moved to Boston over a year ago because her boyfriend is from MA. They recently moved to CLT because Meg’s employer, American, has a huge hub there! And a ton of Kyle’s college friends are there.

honey jam biscuit tupelo honey cafe

We definitely have good food in Chicago but Charlotte took it to the next level. And it was actually affordable. My first day there, we went to Tupelo Honey Cafe (at Kyle’s suggestion) and I wanted literally everything on the menu. (I even took pictures of the menu so I could attempt to replicate the dishes I want to try most.) You know what I loved best about Tupelo Honey? They brought BISCUITS! With jam and honey! Instead of bread like most restaurants. And now I love and want biscuits all day, everyday. (I mean, really, who doesn’t?)

We went to dinner one night at Bang Bang Burgers and I really just needed some vegetables. So, although I opted for a salad, it was one of the best salads I’ve EVER HAD. The chicken was seasoned and grilled perfectly and whatever dressing came with it was so, so good. I also got myself a side of sweet potato fries and the RANCH?! No words. Amazing. Creamy and garlicky. I need that. After dinner Friday night, Meg and Kyle had some of their friends over before we went out to Suffolk Punch and then Tin Roof in downtown CLT.

Grilled chicken salad Bang Bang Burgers

We took it easy on Saturday: Meg & I went to a small farmers market with Clemson and got him some jerky! I also went down to her complex gym for a ride on the spin bike since I can’t run right now (more on that below). Her complex is so, so nice: a gym, a NICE pool and outdoor area, a dog park(!), and like, a demo kitchen? I don’t get it but I’m into it. Kyle went out with friends on Saturday night so Megan and I went to a nice dinner at 300 East. She got the filet with gorgonzola and I got shrimp with toasted gnocchi and pesto. SO. GOOD.

shrimp with gnocchi and pesto

It was time for me to go home on Sunday morning and since Meg had to check in early at the airport, we were able to take a Lyft together. She got me some Starbucks with her FA discount 😉 and I scored an aisle seat in an EXIT ROW. #LegRoomForDays

Let’s Talk About Marathon Training…

It’s been going NOT WELL.

Up until July 30th, training was going great. I was managing my training well and even completed my longest run EVER without walking: 15 miles. And then on the 30th, I ran 7 miles but when I woke up on the 31st… things went south. Fast. My left ankle/lower leg was in so much pain that it hurt to walk so I decided to take the day off, ice, and ibuprofen. Well, I woke up on Wednesday, August 1st feeling better so I attempted to run.

Big mistake. I was in a lot of pain and decided I needed to see a doctor. I’d been having ankle/foot pain for a while but tried to push through the training as best as I could and see a doctor after the race.

Well, the doctor checked me out, did some tests, and determined I have a possible stress fracture (still too early to tell on an X-Ray). He put in a walking boot for two weeks, no running, and I needed to get into physical therapy ASAP.

I’ve been working with a physical therapist for about a week now and things are still pretty painful but not as bad. I’ll see my doctor this Wednesday (August 15) for a follow-up and will have some more info on that status of my injury then!

So, that’s what’s going on in my world. I’ll have a recipe up THIS WEDNESDAY! And I’m currently working on getting up all of my old(er) recipes back up here. Remember, BACK UP YO’ STUFF.

What’s new with all of you?

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