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Meal Plan // February 24

Life has been crazy-busy lately with 2 of my classes wrapping up, clinical hours, working, and working out. Cooking for fun has fallen by the wayside. Instead, I’m relying on some of my tried-and-true favorites to nourish me along with some easy store-bought options.

On the menu this week…

Sunday: Starting my week off on the right foot with my street-cart chicken with turmeric rice. Matt’s working tonight so we need something that will still taste delicious after reheating in the microwave.

Monday: Matt’s working late again so we’ll each have Sunday’s leftovers for dinner.

Tuesday: Homemade pizzas! We haven’t decided on a crust we’re going to use yet (this one looks like a good option) but I got some delicious potential toppings: mozzarella (shredded and the balls!), ground italian sausage, pancetta, and shaved brussels sprouts. Yes, please.

Wednesday: I’m working! I’ll grab this bagged sweet kale salad from Aldi and top it with some seasoned chicken breast. It is SO yummy!

Thursday: How good does this sheet pan harissa chicken look? We have a zillion pouches of bone-in chicken thighs so I’m going to give this a shot.

Friday: Carbing up a little bit with my Chicken Meatballs and pasta for dinner tonight! Matt and I both have long runs (okay, long for me!) on Saturday morning and the carbs give an extra energy boost.

Saturday: Out! Or breakfast for dinner. Yum!

Oh! Can’t forget something sweet! How good do these Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Bars sound?! Pretty dang good.

What’s on your menu this week?!

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