Weekly Workouts: January 14-20

Happy Tuesday! I’m back with my workouts from the last week – a day late. It is what it is. I’m trying, you know? That’s what counts. Right? Right.

Anyway, it’s a holiday week and I think a good portion of the country has a 4-day work week so that’s fun! I actually spent my weekend in Charlotte, NC visiting my mom, sister, sisters boyfriend, and their pup 🙂 We didn’t do a ton of stuff but I hadn’t seen my mom since she moved down there before Christmas.

We needed a good grocery shop but Matt and I haven’t had a ton of time to spend together lately so instead of going to the grocery store on a holiday, I ordered our groceries through Instacart! After he left for work, I went to the gym and prepped some taco meat for meals later on this week.

Both of our schedules are so busy this semester, especially the next few weeks, so we are trying to start preparing some meals ahead of time. Or at the very least, roasting vegetables and getting meats ready to go. I’m, admittedly, not very good at meal prepping but it’s definitely something I’d like to get better at! I plan to do a post on my meal prep process soon and any tips I’ve learned. If you have any tips, please share them with me!

And then I finished my Monday night like I do every Monday that I’m not working: with Vanderpump Rules. (Matt and I do The Bachelor together – it’s both of our first times watching it – ha!) Um, is anybody else like totally bored by VPR this season because, 🙋🏻‍♀️ hi! Although the 2 most recent episodes are pretty good sh-t. I just miss Season 1 VPR, you know?

Okay — workouts!

Weekly Workouts

  • Monday: 3 mile run + back workout
  • Tuesday: 3 mile run
  • Wednesday: 3 mile run
  • Thursday: ~30 minutes of intervals on the treadmill + a leg/booty workout
  • Friday: early flight + seeing my mom for the first time in a while = no workout
  • Saturday: does walking around at the mall count? we were there for a while…
  • Sunday: i did a 20-minute nike workout right after i woke up sunday am!

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