Weekly Workouts #3 & November Goals

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet because for once in my life, I don’t have a whole lot to say. Shocking, I know. 

I’ll be back sharing recipes this week so have no fear! I shared one recipe in October, Giant Soft Pretzels, that was DELICIOUS so, check that out if you love pretzels.

Moving on…


I could list all of the days of the week and share my workouts for that day like I normally do. Or I could just tell you I worked out twice this week. I’m choosing the latter. Because that’s what I did.

I fully intended on working out while we were in Washington DC. I even packed some tights and running shoes. But Matt and I didn’t get a ton of sleep on our first night there so instead of getting up and getting out, I decided to sleep in. And then Sunday morning was the marathon and we were leaving Monday so…

And then I caught a cold and a gross cough that is finally gone.

There are a variety of excuses and reasons why I didn’t workout the last week. It rained. I got sick. I was tired. Blah, blah, blah. Sometimes you just go through periods where you don’t workout for whatever reason. And that’s mostly okay as long as it doesn’t become a regular occurence. Because fitness = better health.

I got back on the wagon Saturday at the gym and then again on Sunday with a 20-minute run. I’m ready to be back at it. Let’s get it 😎

November Goals

Pick a Program… and stick to it!

After starting a new gym – a gym with ALL of the equipment at my disposal – I’ve been struggling to pick a program. I used to lift weight 4-5 days a week and always had a plan in mind whenever I walked into the gym. Lately, it’s like I’ve forgotten how to workout. And what to do. And I walk around the gym wondering what to do next.

So, one of my November goals is to pick a program and stick to it. I’m going to be trying out the Thinner Leaner Stronger plan. I got the eBook for free from my library so I’ve been reading through it this weekend. The book itself has a lot of great information broken down into easy-to-understand concepts which is great if you’re new to fitness and nutrition!

Run More

I’ve been running around 12-15 miles per week most weeks so my goal for this month is to hit a 20 mile week. Since I canceled my entry for the 2018 Chicago Marathon, I have a guaranteed entry for 2019s race. So… I need to get on that base-building!

I’m also going to (haven’t yet) sign up for the Illinois Half-Marathon down in Champaign that’s set for the end of April. I’ve done that race a couple times in the past and it’s always such a good run: the course is flat, course support is pretty good, and I love Champaign! But that means I have 6 months to get back into good half-marathon shape which is more than enough time… just gotta do it!

Illinois Half Marathon 2012

What goals have you set for November? How do you plan to get after them? 

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