happy new year! + 2019 goals

happy new year, friends and fam! i’ve been gone quite a while but i’m back and starting the year off feeling refreshed and full of new energy!

and that’s mostly because i’m on vacation in florida and i’ve gotten more sunshine in the last 24 hours than i’ve gotten in the last 2.5 months. it could also have something to do with the fact that the high today is 84 but what do i know?

our flight yesterday morning was treacherous in that neither of us slept much the night before (matt had to work until 11:30PM!) and we had to be up and out the door by 3:15AM but being able to spend most of our day in the sunshine state worth it!

brunch at skillets!
i’ll do a full florida recap after i get back to chicago but i thought, like many others, i’d share and discuss a few of my goals for the new year.
  • run 2 half-marathons: since i deferred my entry to the 2018 chicago marathon, i had the opportunity to guarantee my entry to 2019s race. ultimately, i chose to not train for a marathon this year. instead, i’m focusing on learning to love running again and the distance(s) i enjoy: the half-marathon. i’m currently signed up for the illinois (half) marathon at the end of april and am looking for late summer or early fall race – any thoughts?!
  • get back into the gym — regularly: my one true fitness love is strength training but we had been “on a break” while we saw other people. i was mostly seeing the couch, ha! in october, i joined the chicago athletic club chain of gyms and i’ve been getting reacquainted with the free weights section – and loving it! (although not loving the soreness – yikes!) my strength training goals will change throughout the year but my january goal is to strength train 3 times per week
  • get back to a healthy weight: i think my reasoning behind this goal should be obvious enough! i like to think that i’m healthy (and i am!) and will live a long life but being at a healthy weight makes everything so much easier! clothes in my closet fit, working out is fun(!), i don’t feel older than i am! so, yeah, that’s that.
  • blog 3 times a week!: i love writing most of the time! and it really just warms my heart when friends and family tell me the loved my most recent post. or that something i wrote really resonated with them! (really – i love that so plz keep it up). i’m going to do my best to get something up 3 times a week – with at least one of them being a new recipe! this is kilroy’s kitchen, after all.

i’ll be looping back to this post every so often to reference them for the coming months. setting goals is great but sticking to them is even better 😉

what goals are you setting – and crushing – for 2019?

it’s important to remember that your goals are smart goals. to learn more about smart goal setting, check out this website.

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