hey – i’m erin

hey, what’s up? hello! welcome to my blog: home of the free, land of the pizza. or something like that, right? right.

i’m in my mid-twenties living in the city of chicago with my boyfriend, matt. i hold a bachelors degree in nutrition and food science but am currently studying to become a nurse. food is my a1 from day one, though. you need it to live, yanno?

anyway! i started this blog to share things that make me feel good, both inside and out: healthy recipes, yummy restaurant picks, my favorite products, workouts, and little personal stuff along the way.

i personally believe in making – and eating – real food with real ingredients. but because i’m a student, i’m ballin’ on a budget so you won’t be seeing grass-fed, organic everything… unless it’s on sale! but you don’t need to buy expensive things to live and eat well, ya feel me?

experimenting in the kitchen is a hobby of mine; i enjoy making something for everyone, whether you’re gluten free, dairy free, vegan, or just somebody who likes to eat (i’m right there with you).

i would love to connect with YOU! shoot me an email –> kilroyskitchenblog@gmail.com