Summer Plans

Summer in Chicago is the best. We spend nearly all of our time bundled up or indoors from Thanksgiving to Memorial Day so as soon as the sun comes out, we flock to the lakefront. I’ve got a lot of summer plans but fully intend to enjoy as much as I can!

I’ve got quite a busy summer ahead of me but it’s busy in a good way. With things I mostly want to be doing, you know? I started my pediatric rotation for nursing school today and will be completing the clinical portion in the hospital my sisters and I was born at. I’ve also transitioned to a per diem hospital job and will be paying the bills by nannying this summer! (Once the summer is over, I’ll go back to part-time employment at the hospital.)

Now that the boring, admin stuff is out of the way, let’s chat fun summer plans!

Summer storm coming to the lake house


I always wish I spent more time with my family so I’m definitely making that a priority this summer and moving forward. My whole family, except Megan and my mom, and Matt’s whole family, except his oldest brother, live within an hour drive of us. I’ve spent time at my parents house the last two weekends and am going to visit my mom and Megan in Charlotte in July! (For simplicity’s sake, my sisters and I refer to my dad and stepmom as “the parents” and my mom is MOM!)


Charlotte — my sister Caitlin and I are headed to Charlotte in July to see our mom and sister. And sisters BF + their dog. (Hi, Kyle! You’re on the blog.) Caitlin’s never been while I’ve been twice!

Austin — my friend Frankie just moved there in May for a new job. I’ve never been to Austin (or even Texas, ha) so I’m excited to check it out! We’re open to recommendations for things to do and places to see.

SF/Northern CA — Matt and I are also planning a trip mid-August. Right now, I think our plan is to do SF, Yosemite, and Big Sur/Carmel by the Sea. We did SF in August 2016 and it was great but this time, we’re hoping to get out of the city a little more.


I’ve been neglecting my blog on and off for a little while and I’m not a fan. It’s hard to keep up with during the school year so I’m looking forward to really taking the time this summer to work on a few blog-related projects.


I’m hoping to get to a concert or two this summer. The Backstreet Boys will be here in August so maybe I’ll get to that… if not, I’ll be pinching my pennies for Taylor Swift in 2020 😝

Also, I’m REALLY looking forward to the Women’s World Cup! Game 1 for the USWNT is Tuesday, June 11 at 2PM CST. CAN’T FREAKIN WAIT.

Now you tell me — what are your summer plans?! I wanna know everything!!

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