weekly workouts: jan

hello! happy monday! i’m bringin’ my ~weekly workouts back – for good!

one of my goals for 2019 is to get back to the gym or to workout on a more regular basis. i used to love working out until i didn’t. but as i’ve gotten older, i fully get the importance of working out.

for starters, that lower back pain i experience? yeah, it’s from my bad posture and sitting a lot. but it’s usually alleviated from regular exercise; running loosens things up and lifting weights makes my bod stronger (duh). i’ve made a small goal to get some activity in on every work day — it lessens the pain of sitting for nearly 8 hours straight. and i’m too young for this back pain so weights + cardio + core training it is!

another reason to get back to the gym –> vanity purposes. let’s be honest, everyone likes to look good! and if you can feel good on top of that? THE BEST! of course, diet plays a huge role into that, too. i’ve been messing around with a combination of tracking macros and intermittent fasting.

so, i took a “before” picture at the gym in naples during one of my workouts. when i return mid-march, the goal is to look – and feel 😉 – just a wee bit better. oh god, oh god, oh god, i’m sharing the picture. putting it out there. oh god.


  • monday: 2 treadmill miles + this chest/tricep workout —
    • warm-up for bench press
    • 1x8x65 flat bench press
    • 3x5x75 flat bench press
    • 3x10x40 db incline bench press
    • SS 3×10 tricep extension x dips using the bench
  • tuesday: gym for this squat/legs workout —
    • warm up for squats
    • 3x5x135 squat
    • 2x3x155 squat
    • 3x10x45 RDL
    • 3×10 (each leg) bulgarian split squats
    • 3×10 calf raises
  • wednesday: no workout
  • thursday: the gym for this back/bicep workout —
    • deadlift warm-up
    • 3x5x135 deadlift
    • 3x3x165 deadlift
    • 3x10x45 wide-grip bent over rows
    • 3×10 TRX rows
    • core workout
  • friday: no workout
  • saturday: 3 miles on the lakefront trail
  • sunday: a nike training club workout

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